Fabexcavation, A partner for your special projects

With over 10 years of experience, FABexcavation is your excavating, remodeling and landscaping specialist. Whether you need a French drain installed, your concrete foundation waterproofed, a few cracks repaired, or for other special projects, our team of seasoned experts will be at your service to ensure guaranteed, stellar quality work.
Our Specialties

French drain

To make sure a French drain is working at top efficiency, a careful, high-quality installation is necessary. Water accumulation at the footing of foundations must be routed towards a drain, by gravity or by a pump.

Concrete crack repair

Repair methods vary according to the types of foundation problems they address. The best way to permanently repair a crack is still through an exterior repair, even if this requires some excavation.

Pyrite removal

To ensure a proper decontamination, the concrete slab must be removed to replace the landfill rocks and debris with DB-certified crushed stone, conform to interior foundation standards.

Water supply

As a homeowner, you are responsible for maintaining and repairing, when necessary, the water-supply system piping coming from your home up to the water inlet valve (also called the "service box").

Iron bacteria

The iron bacteria (sometimes called "iron-eating bacteria") is a reddish, muddy deposit that occurs naturally in soil and groundwater.